the luck of the draw

from by darkblueworld

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fischer / macquarrie



(e. fischer)

the living room is blind with clouds
of dust and cheap perfume
baby's low on her calloused knees
keeping the prices down
politely asks for a piece of bread
to feed the phantom in her head
baby’s just not tough enough
the luck of the draw

mother hangs her sorrows up
kisses the toilet goodnight
father's in the time machine
cowering in fright
and the children, like weeds at war
are strewing table scraps
into the cold hard ground
the luck of the draw

the luck of the draw, the wheel turning round
the suicide club is paying the rent with paintings of hearts
another chance, another kick at the can
flashfrozen pictures of better days hang by a thread
just up ahead

warden builds a brand new jail
puts up the neon lights
cause the letters keep on coming
that no one seems to write
i'll get you yet, he crows
and takes out a letter knife
a name is just another sign
the luck of the draw

someone punches a hole in the wall
thrills the passers by
falling down with the master plan
buys a bullet in the eye
what's the use of calling for help
there's no help to be found
this is what it's all about
the luck of the draw


from the perilous beauty of madness, released April 29, 2014



all rights reserved


darkblueworld Vancouver, British Columbia

"Songs that ache with truth" – CD of the Week, The Globe and Mail

“... a searing alternative to sweetness and light” - Down Beat

“Imagine an unholy union of Nina Hagen and Jim Morrison channeling Bertold Brecht and Rimbaud with a band made up of members of the Doors, the Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd and you’ll have some idea of DarkBlueWorld’s mesmerizing, hallucinatory sound...” – Coda
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