Dark Blue World

by darkblueworld

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drip audio 2006



released April 24, 2014


elizabeth fischer - vocals
ron samworth - guitar
tony wilson - guitar
pete schmitt - bass
skye brooks - drums

also: peggy lee - cello
jp carter - trumpet
jesse zubot - violin
david roundell - accordion
steven nikleva - guitar

engineered by greg reely at the green jacket
produced by greg reely and elizabeth fischer

all songs © socan



all rights reserved


darkblueworld Vancouver, British Columbia

"Songs that ache with truth" – CD of the Week, The Globe and Mail

“... a searing alternative to sweetness and light” - Down Beat

“Imagine an unholy union of Nina Hagen and Jim Morrison channeling Bertold Brecht and Rimbaud with a band made up of members of the Doors, the Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd and you’ll have some idea of DarkBlueWorld’s mesmerizing, hallucinatory sound...” – Coda
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Track Name: warm coat
(e. fischer)

warm coat cold soup
underdog stew
underdog stew
see the corner fuckups
string beans on a wire, beans on a wire

i've never really known who i really was
i've never really known who i really was

look at the very solitary boy
he too used to be smart
a smart engineer
of tunnel situations
the opposite of here

he's never really known who he really...
he's never really known who he really...
he's never really known
mutant strains
sing me to sleep
but if it's too silly to live
it's always too strong

i don't really miss you or anything
stuff gets stolen all the time
comes from having, you know
not too many relatives
to show up all happy at the door

it makes no difference, really
it's just what i do
it's not that hard to say no
it's not that hard to let go
Track Name: evening wolves
(e. fischer)

the evening wolves are seductive and just
yellow eyes glitter in the gathering dusk
haunches quiver with the smell of blood
silently circling in the burning dust

sinister beauty so gentle so kind
i bare my soul for your touch divine
brothers of infinite disastrous love
i offer the charms of the slightly soiled dove

throw open the windows
throw open the door
let the wind blow through
take what's yours

the evening wolves are cold and wise
deadly and grey they hypnotize
take me home, give me birth
take me with you to the ends of the earth
Track Name: dark blue world
(e. fischer)

let my icebound veins crack open
let me drown
i've been away too long
my feelings are dead

surfaces can be deceiving,
can they not
crazy is easy
to be nothing inside is hard work
dark dark dark blue world

scene of the crime
always gray skies
nothing to do but to yell
love songs for the damned
the hunger artist sings

i'm sick of this fucking town
i'm tired of playing the clown
tongue comes out
rip something open to breathe

life rolls on while catastrophes happen
mostly at the periphery
forced up against
walls i’d prefer to ignore
dark dark dark blue world
Track Name: church of the blind
(e. fischer)

in the church of the blind the walls are on fire
and the sparks fall like rain onto upturned faces
in the church of the blind the paint is melting on the benevolent saints
examples for suicides

and blind with desire the lords and ladies
wrapped in the glow of broken glass
are dancing stately tangos to the tune of a jester
reciting the psalms
to the beat of a drum

the angels keep smiling from inside picture frames
their halos warped and dripping paint
and hands flutter blessing this miserable human race
with bits of dirty lace

ladies and gentlemen of the congregation
the building's falling the roof's half gone
and the moon shines down through the broken windows
cold and white
and indifferent
Track Name: cafe lovely
(e. fischer)

at the café lovely
the busy abattoir
in the lacerating clarity
you finally become what you’ve become
with mad songs and secret books
in the sanctuary of damaged goods
crazy motherfucker humming the tune
of everlasting love and everlasting ruin
thick skin, thin skin
under the light
skin deep, skin tight
skin be bright

and you say, isn’t that wonderful
then you say, isn’t that divine
to always be waiting for a ride on the train
bags packed by your side
and if the dizzy razzle of events
becomes too much to bear
you run, you’re done, by design or fate
you never guaranteed, that you would linger in this place

you’re not without experience
ghosts of things you’ve done
grimly murmured anecdotes
always good for a laugh
and if dread seeps into the scenery
in a way you can’t quite define
give it a name, make it your friend
and ride it off into the night
Track Name: melancholique
(e. fischer)

i want to tell you the truth
that's the thing about this sort of picture
my flowers fell on the floor
and i had never seen anything
so pure, so dangerous.

for i now see right through the skin
to the hopes underneath
funny depictions of life
every bit sad and awkward

melancholy whores
inconclusive moving shadows
nothing outlasts dreams
the dreams of lonely
empty pockets

floored du mal
watching static
static landscapes rolling by
the abject platitude
of longing for belongings
belongings that never did or do quite feel right

the moving truth about hell
is the perverse freedom that derives
from knowing there is no happyend
that the world is going to break you... eventually
Track Name: night face
(e. fischer)

it was easy for a year to go by
night face up, night face up
learning by heart was a charm for living
we made a home under the stars
under a spell
under the weight of events
we were perfectly giving

pictures on the windows misted by our breath
night face up
suspended in time all's permitted
night face up
it was one of those things
when everything's right
everything possible
everything mysterious

we lived in a place a country of night
sweet derangement
a kind of madness, serene abandon
exile is said, to be a gentle death
so what is truth and what is madness
all is right in the realm of the senses

we'd talk all night never saying a word
my brother in arms
you told me all that ever broke your world
i gave you my heart
under the weight of events
we were perfectly giving
Track Name: shit happens
(e. fischer)

when the weapons of choice
are murder ballads
that stink of expensive
perfume and lies
then every story has already been told

things are as awful
as they’ve every been
intrepid hopefuls
along for the ride
before the sidewalks got too crowded to drown

shit happens
in the promised land
shit happens
in the promised land
shit happens
in the schoolyard of the poor

at the top of the hill
sour satisfaction
where mansions sing
and flowers sigh

betrayal tastes of sugar and spice

come join the stroll
even bastards have friends
you’re innocent
until proven broke
things go wrong and no one’s to blame

with the guttering flame
of desperation
improvise your
way through life
i’ve been there many times

there is no point to know
there are no plans you can make
impassive tourist
of bottomless mines
that’s what becomes of the broken hearted
Track Name: well oh well
(e. fischer)

well oh well I pulled a needle
I sewed a path to love
well oh well a path to freedom

the criminals friend is darkness spoken
and wrong is right
together we put out he light of the sun
to make the moon shine bright

what did i care, about going blind
i was crazed with the shadows in your eye
you may have been bent but you weren't broken
as we left all shelter behind

we lived in a room with no walls or corners
at the edge of time
the wind sang through the broken panes of love

the room smelled of fright and bitter roses
divine insanity,
you painted my body with your criminal mind,
to make my skin shine bright

what did i care...

well oh well, you taught me to love then you
taught me to leave you behind
I learned to sew a path to freedom

when I think of you I think of the scars on my neck
and the scars on your arms
you squeezed in your hands my beating heart
to make the blood shine bright
Track Name: displaced persons
(e. fischer)

displaced persons do the displaced head
i displaced myself tonight can i sleep in your bed

as a rule i don't do this
as a rule i don't believe
in the right of the pure
in the right of the meek
but the orphanage is empty
and i'm weeping for my world
resume my resurrection
ratify my worth

see, i was raised by nuns
in a desolate place
the curtains where white
and white was the bed
i was raised on lies
and white raisin bread
but when i looked into the mirror
my eyes went dead

now i stay here with you
at this lousy hotel
and i'm black and blue
and i can't tell
my mother superior
my mother in hell
displaced persons
can't ring the bell
Track Name: turn it
(e. fischer)

disappointed by expectations
worried about dying on the streets
conquer sadness with eleventh hour speeches
the bravado of magic feats

infuse terror with the gleam of meaning
with the bitter knowledge of hissing snakes
that all that promises to bring us closer
is that we break

call on a creator, a gifted improviser
get on your knees and work very hard
things start out one way so you hope for another
playing card

ferocity and pain, heightened and darkened
by the scars of ordeal, the incredible real,
war roams the world quite apart from tragic heroes
looking for a meal

dismantle the old structures gently
caress each part as you remove it
turn it over, over and over in your hands

find the beauty in destitution
find the wisdom in the congress of fools
turn it over, over and over in your hands

practice pained contemplation
no one manages to get away clean
turn it over, over and over in your hand

be the survivor of the farce
be the shadow on the wall
amiable, self-described failure, confidant of all